Q: Who can participate in the Jazz Composer's Session?
A: All jazz instrumentalists and vocalists, provided you are the composer of
    at least one original tune. Good reading and communication skills are an
    asset. You may be invited to sit in on someone else's tune.

Q: How can I participate in the Jazz Composer's Session?
A: 1. Write a tune. 2. Make a clear, legible chart that can be read in the dark;
    preferably one, but no more than two pages. 3. Bring enough copies for the
    whole band (at least five). 4. Have at least one Bb and Eb copy for horn
    players. For additional tips and examples, click here.

Q: What if I haven't written, or didn't bring a tune?
A: Any musician in the house may be invited to sit in and play on someone
    else's original, though preference will be given to contributing composers.

Q: I just wrote a new bebop head on the changes to Cherry Pink and
    Apple Blossom White. Can I bring that to the Jazz Composer's
A: Yes. New music in any jazz style or genre is welcome.

Q: I wrote a blues which just uses standard changes in F. Do I need to
    bother bringing a chart?
A: Yes. The drummer wants to play your melody, too!

Q: I've got some tunes, but I play by ear and my music notation skills
    are poor or nonexistent. Can I still participate in the session?
A: Yes, but you need to first sit down with someone who can help you notate
    your tune so others can play it without rehearsal.

Q: I can't make it on Monday nights. Can I email you a chart?
A: Yes, although we prefer you be there in person sine we will prioritize tunes
    by composers in attendance. We hope to have the Jazz Composer's Union
    up and running soon, which will be a repository of original tunes available
    to all contributing members.

Q: All this chart-writing smacks of East Coast Liberal Elitism. Besides,
    jazz is an aural tradition. You'll hear it. OK, ready? 1… 2…
A: No.

Q: If I play jazz backwards, are there any hidden messages?
A: Yes. You can clearly make out the words "I buried Justin."

Q: I'm a freestyle rapper. Can I do a few verses while you guys vamp on

A: Maybe. If your entourage has at least 10 members and they all buy two
     drinks, then yes.

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