Jazz Composer's Session #2 - recap and highlights

Another great Jazz Composer's Session in the bag! Once again we had the pleasure of hearing and playing some beautiful originals, both from returning composers Nathan Kawaller and Clynt Hyson, and new faces John Leber, Amy K. Bormet and Karen Lovejoy. As an added bonus, Forward JazzCollective bassist Herman Burney, Jr. brought along his camera and took all the wonderful shots sprinkled through this post and the site in general.

The FJC opened up with drummer Greg Holloway's "rhythm changes" spinoff "G's Bop", followed by saxophonist Peter Fraize's "Sybille." Next was bassist Herman Burney, Jr.'s ode to tension and release, "Delayed Gratification":

The set ended with a brand new tune by pianist Jon Ozment, "The Whistler."

Starting off the second set, guitarist John Leber sat in with his grooving "Blues for Izems." Then bassist Nathan Kawaler brought up his beautiful straight-eighths tune, "Southern Wind":

Pianist Amy K. Bormet was next up on the bandstand with her gorgeous ballad "Here We Are Again":

John, Nathan and Amy all stayed up to close out the set with Peter Fraize's waltz "Skypiece," dedicated to the late DC vocal phenomenon Pam Bricker.

For the last set, we were joined by vocalists Clynt Hyson and Karen Lovejoy, first on Clynt's fun latin piece "Did You See That?":

Next, Karen sang her wonderful, bluesy tune "Spellbound," and then the night was finished out with Fraize's blues "Then What?":

We're looking forward to next month's session, coming up quick on March 4. We hope to see even more new faces and of course, hear and play some great new music!

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